This Is How Cigarette Smoke Is Ruining Your Home

Cigarette Smoke Is a Nightmare:

Smoking kills not only the smoker, but also everyone in the same room.

Furthermore, it is not only a serious threat against your health, but it will also ruin your home.

It is a nightmare and you can already see why, but we will go into the details on why it is so noxious and why you need a powerful and efficient air smoke purifier in your home.

Without any further delay, let’s get into topic!

A Direct Threat for Your Health:

Let’s look to some quick stats and facts:

  • Cigarette smoking causes over 480,000 deaths per year in the USA
  • It causes more deaths than alcohol use, drugs use and HIV
  • It increases the risk of heart disease from 2 to 4 times
  • It increases the risk of men developing lung cancer by 25 times
  • It increases the risk for strokes from 2 to 4 times.

Scary, right? However, let’s also talk about secondhand smoke:

  • Secondhand smoke damages children and makes them develop asthma and respiratory infections
  • It can cause sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
  • It makes people have more lung infections.

Now you have a concise overview on all the bad things that smoking, and secondhand smoke, can do to your health and everyone around you.

That’s why it is important to clean any space of it, and even better, stay clear from smoking.

However, let’s put a focus on secondhand smoke, because it affects people other than you, especially if it is in a very close space like a small room.

Cigarette smokes is linked to several forms of cancer and it will also make your bones weak, damage your cardiovascular system and can even cause autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.

Do you care a lot about your skin and looking young? Then, here you have even more bad news: tobacco news has been linked to premature skin aging.

We all want to remain young, because youth gives us the best looks and opportunities of our life, but we need to make an extra effort to do so, and it involves avoiding things like smoking.

Now you know enough about how much damage it makes to your body. Let’s go and explore how it will damage your home, because if you really care about it, then you will be very concerned after reading this…

It Can Destroy Your Home:

Just like it is a direct threat to your health, it will also deteriorate your home in more than one way…

It will make your house stink, period. Cigarette smoke will invade your home and impregnate itself in any porous surface or object.

Furthermore, your carpets, curtains, rugs, mattresses and cushions can absorb this odor and contribute to killing the good vibe of your home.

Once again, this is why it is important to stop smoking or at least have an efficient air purifier for cigarette smoke, so your home can remain free of these consequences.

The nicotine present in cigarettes can cause yellowish stains in several areas of your home. From the ceiling to the walls, whatever the smoke touches will become stained, period. This won’t happen overnight, of course, but the nicotine build-up will have this effect over time.

At this point, it should be evident why it is so damaging for your home, but here you have some clear stats to understand it even better:

  • Planning to sell your home in the future? Then you should know that smoking inside can reduce its value by a whooping 29%!
  • Did you know that smokers could lose around $64,000 USD off their house’s sale price? That’s a lot of money, and all thanks to smoking
  • Did you know that your home will be harder to sell if you smoke inside? And 88% of brokers agree on this. Even worse is to find out that 27% of brokers report that buyers are unwilling to buy a home in which someone has smoked regularly.

Now you have price-oriented facts that show you how damaging smoking is, because it will only affect your health, but also your home, its comfort and its value.

Once again, a good air purifier can save you from these problems, because it will remove the pollutants and damaging toxins present in cigarette smoke. If you ever plan to sell your home, then take this into account.

Well, you don’t even have to think about selling your house to take care of this right now, because it will affect your quality of life negatively.

Closing Thoughts:

Is it clear now?

Cigarette smoke is a real threat for your life in all senses. Think about it and see if it is worth it to keep smoking.